Global Debt and Equity Financing


Who we are

Negma is an innovative investment group that provides publicly listed companies with the funding required to develop and grow their business. We work with companies to provide them with structured debt and equity products that meet their specific needs and constraints.


Corporate management in search of financing have a selection of avenues they can take to secure the necessary funding. Debt, private placements, secondary offerings, rights issues - all have their own advantages and disadvantages. We are providers of underwriting and financing services.

Negma Group positions itself as an alternative avenue to secure funding. We offer hybrid debt/equity products that allow companies to accelerate the next phase of their growth, when they wish to exceed or surpass their current trajectory. We’ve enabled pharmaceuticals to launch their next trial, miners to acquire a promising mineral asset, and software companies to boost their sales efforts.


We work with companies that meet our established and transparent criteria. Our positioning, and the scale we have achieved as a result, allows us to offer industry leading terms.

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Our growing global coverage

Who we work with

We work with clients who have reached the limits of organic growth and are looking for external sources of financing to drive their expansion strategies. We cover a variety of needs:

Research and development - Restructuring - Growth and expansion - Acquisitions - Post IPO commitments

We use our track record as a platform, to drive our clients’ growth through competitive equity financing. Our very first client was in the pharmacology sector, but since then, as we have grown in experience and size, we have been able to expand our offering to cover all sectors. We started our activities in France, and have grown to cover Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, Asia, and the Americas.


Our added value

Over the course of our existence, we have stood out in our ability to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with financial institutions. We extend the same treatment to our clients, positioning ourselves as a reliable partner for the long-term. We begin our relationship with our clients by providing them with hybrid debt/equity financing. We strengthen our relationship by providing ancillary financing services and advice. We pride ourselves on facilitating our clients’ transition from equity to debt financing.


Companies approach us because they are looking for financing structured according to their situation. We pride ourselves on being efficient and effective. We focus on providing companies with competitive, flexible terms that allow them to concentrate on growing their business, safe in the knowledge that they already have industry leading finance behind them.


Due diligence

Onboarding process:

  • We sit down with the executive management, assuring ourselves that the strategic direction they are heading in shows promise.

  • We look closely at the needs of the company and the destination of the funds, corroborating accounts and ensuring there is no mismatch.

  • We visit offices, facilities and laboratories, ensuring we understand the fundamentals of the business, and are able to make informed, reasoned decisions.


Negma Group has a responsibility to ourselves, our shareholders, our institutional financiers, and the shareholders of our clients’ companies, to ensure that we work only with the most robust companies. For us to be able to add value, we have to work with management that are capable of doing so themselves. That our financiers continue to work with us to this day validates our approach, and our due diligence process.